The Most Useful Things I Bring to Disney

Packing can be stressful for anyone, right? If you’re like me, you do that thing where you pack 8 pairs of underwear for 3 days (like what do you actually think is going to happen?) and 10 shirts because you just don’t know what you’re going to “feel” like wearing. Am I alone on this one?

Fortunately, after so many trips, we kind of go on autopilot when we’re packing. We have a shared checklist on our phone that we reuse every time to make sure we’ve packed the essentials. But what are the few must-haves that I make sure to pack every time we go to Disney? I’m gonna let you in on the secrets!


I’m sure most of you have a portable charging pack that you bring along. I personally love my FuelRod. This company has partnered with Disney and there are FuelRod stations located all over property- in the hotels, parks and Disney Springs. Some airports have them as well! It’s $30 when you initially purchase your FuelRod, but it comes with all the necessary cords and once it’s empty or you’re just near a kiosk and you want to switch it out, then you simply put the old FuelRod in the machine and it pops you out a freshly charged one!

I bought mine a few years ago and honestly, it’s so useful to be able to just switch out my FuelRod and keep charging. I’m always on my phone in the parks taking pictures and using the My Disney Experience app and that tends to be a battery suck, even on their WiFi. Keep an eye out next time you’re there!

Rechargeable Fan

So…Florida is hot. Is this news? No? Okay. Well, we (and by we- I mean the kids) really love this rechargeable fan that clips right on the stroller. Have I been spotted walking around fanning myself? Absolutely. This thing is powerful and there’s nothing like a good stroller nap accompanied by a nice breeze. Cue me hopping on Amazon right now because it will not go well if we don’t have two of them. Oh the sibling jealousy.

Nothing like a stroller nap with a fan

Tupperware/Ziploc Bags

If you follow any of the vast amount of Disney influencers out there, or my personal favorite, the Disney Food Blog, you probably roll up to your trip with a list a mile long of things to try. And there’s never enough time! We’ve started packing a few plastic containers and plastic bags to bring home the various treats that we don’t have room for in our stomachs. Plastic bags also come in handy if you have a child like mine, who NEEDS to have one of the lollipops the size of their face and then they get bored after a few minutes. My favorite thing to bring home is a Carrot Cake Cookie from Trolley Car Cafe in Hollywood Studios. You can read about some of my other favorite snacks in this post.

My favorite take-home snack 😍

Those Sticky Placemats from Chick-fil-A

I actually got this hack from my sister-in-law! So smart. Disney tables are probably cleaner than your average restaurant table, and they do a very good job keeping things clean, but that being said, when you have a kid that still wants to eat the table as much as the food, these come in handy! I always grab a couple extra whenever we go to Chick-fil-A and then I’m ready to go come packing time!

Coming through in the clutch!

ChooMe Soft Tip Food Pouch Tops

ChooMe in action


I’ve mentioned these before and since I’m still traveling with a little one, these are a MUST. Especially since we are renting our double stroller and you know how kids can somehow turn a benign cracker into a complete wasteland. These toppers fit on any pouches and the prevent the inevitable pouch geyser. They’re great to have for the applesauce that’s a side choice with the kid’s meals. I like that if they have it in the stroller and it drops beside them, it’s not going to squeeze out everywhere or on their clothes.


Did you know that gum isn’t available to purchase anywhere on Disney property? They’re onto something, I’m sure. I can imagine cleaning up wads I’d dropped gum in the Florida heat is a less than desirable task. Plus imagine if you were waiting in line to ride Haunted Mansion and the queue was just filled with ABC gum. Gross. While I applaud Disney’s thinking here, I still need some gum. If you do too, make sure to pack some. Or at least buy an overpriced pack at the airport before takeoff.


Reusable Straws & Cozies

Disney Parks are headed in a more eco-friendly direction, which means no more plastic straws. Paper straws have long been the only option available at Animal Kingdom, to help protect the large amount of wildlife on property, but now they are extending that throughout the parks and resorts. I have nothing against paper straws, I promise. It’s just that…they get soggy and flimsy. And nothing ruins that $5 Starbucks iced coffee like a floppy, deteriorating straw. Reusable straws are all the rage these days anyway, so I’m sure you have a few kicking around. I’m a big fan of these stainless steel ones and we also bought a pack of Disney ones from one of the recent kitchen lines they had out!

And I can’t mention my iced coffee without mentioning the coffee cozy to go with it. I’ve bought so many awesome cozies from different Instagram small shops. They come in handy when you don’t want to be handling a sweaty cup and even on the rare, (but I’ve been there and it happens) rare occasion when it’s 39° in the morning and you actually buy a hot coffee!

The perfect cozy for a birthday trip!

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’m sure as I’m packing this week, I’ll think of some others, but maybe I’ll save it for a Volume 2. Be sure to let me know if you have any packing hacks!

*Linked items are from my Amazon Affiliate account. Thank you!

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